3. Backup Jobs - Backup Job Schedule Tab

Scheduling your backup to run, is the last part of creating a backup job.  

Backazon will automatically 'run' this backup job on the days and times you've scheduled.   This ensures that your data is backed up on a regular basis without any further action from you. 

With Backazon, there's never a backup tape to change and you don't have to worry about taking tapes or removable drives off-site.  Backing up online is more economical and more convenient.

internet backup schedules in Backazon

1.  Scheduling is a quick and easy process and the last step in creating a backup job.  Backazon allows you to create and then either enable to job to run automatically or disable that job, meaning that it will not run automatically, but can be run at any time manually.

2.  Set the job Frequency to One Time Only, Daily, Weekly or Monthly by using the drop down field and clicking on the Frequency you desire.

3.  Optionally, you can override any Frequency set, by using the Override section of the Scheduling page.  Click the check box to open the override fields.  Choose either to begin the backup job when the final job is saved or set a date and time for the backup job to run. 

4.  Press SAVE at the bottom of the window when you are finished creating a new backup job or modifying an existing one.

Before the job is run, Backazon gives you the opportunity to review exactly what this backup job will cost to upload and store at Amazon Simple Storage.  This information can be reviewed in the Summary tab and will allow for you to make decisions about what to backup, in line with what your budget and business or personal needs are.  The Summary page will show you how many folders and files are included in your selections, along with what that equates to in bytes.  Also included is the Amazon upload, storage and download estimates for that size of a backup job.