• Online Backup Software for Windows

    Why Bother Backing Up?

    Your computer stores things that are important to you, but sometimes things go wrong: a computer virus, a stolen laptop, a hard drive crash, or worse.

    When the important things are suddenly gone, we turn to our backups to get them back. 

    Good Backups Happen Frequently

    If you're not backing up regularly, your backups will be a disappointment.  Instead of losing a few hours of work, you could lose weeks or months.  If you haven't backed up the family photos from your best friend's wedding, they could be gone forever.

    Good Backups Are Stored Off-site

    If your backups are sitting right next to your computer, what happens to them when a thief takes your computer?  How about a fire?

    Online Backups Offer Better Protection

    Backazon online backups are stored in a secured data center, so they are safe no matter what happens to your home or business.

    Backazon Backups are Easy and Automatic

    Backazon online backups are easy to setup and they run automatically.  You don't have to worry about remembering to do your backups because Backazon will take care of it for you.

    Try Online Backups with Backazon

    We believe Backazon is the easiest and best way to backup your computer, so we offer a no-risk 30 day trial.  Try Backazon today and let us know what you think.